Supporting the Elderly


In this initiative, Build Up Lebanon aims at providing maximum possible assistance to the elderly - age 65 and over - who have extremely low income and very few resources; in addition to empowering the underprivileged and the people with special needs of any age. 

The main focus is: 

The elderly deserve to:

Call to donors

Without the financial means majority of the projects will be crippled, and in vain. With your assistance many elderlies in need will enjoy a better life, and you will ease the aging burden on them; ‘aging’, this amazing unavoidable process that every human will go through.

To make it possible for every donor to enjoy the joy of giving, several programs were created so  to fit your budget, and to give you a clear idea what kind of value you are adding to the life of the elderly receiving the assistance, or to the program you select. 

Available donation programs

The following programs are yearly ones, and of course you can elect to support a multiple-year program where applicable, or simply donate an amount of money. 

Sponsor an elderly 

In this program, the sponsorship will cover the needs of one person. The needs are defined per case basis. Below are the current cases in queue, and the amount required for each one:


Elderly In Queue

Yearly Target per person

Amount (USD)

Medications Assistance: as a part of the aging process, many will require a permanent prescription for chronic illnesses (blood pressure, water retention, heart support, blood sugar..).

The current situation in Lebanon made this need very acute; not only there is no more support from the government, but also the medications cannot be found in the country and frequently people have to manage their way to ship them from abroad, an option very few people can afford.



General Assistance: under this category a general support is provided. It covers assisting the elderly in their day-to-day needs from food, to gas, to a weekly grocery shopping, house cleaning, moderate medications need, house rent, electricity bill..



Food Assistance: provides a weekly delivery of food basics (meat, chicken, cooking oil, olive oil …) 



24X7 in-house assistance: this is an urgent need due to a combination of dementia and physical weakness



One-time donation



One-time Amount

per item (USD)

A physiotherapy session (donor can select any quantity, depending on budget)



Sponsor a one year house-cleaning



Sponsor winter fuel



One-year internet connection



Ship-an-Item donation

Some donors may prefer to ship the item themselves due to multiple reasons like availability, competitive pricing, owning the product… Below are the needed items:

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