G&Z Training Center

G&Z Social & Cultural Center (GSCC) - Project

Build Up Lebanon has received a generous contribution in Forzol, Bekaa. The donation availed for 5 years - free of charge - an apartment that can fit for multipurpose projects. 

Being located at the heart of Forzol, a highly populated village, we are planning to launch a project as soon as the preparations of the apartment can be arranged and ready. We will establish the "G&Z Social & Cultural Center - GSCC"; G&Z refers the first letters of the names of the owners to whom the donation is dedicated, having passed away.  

Project #1:  G&Z Training Center

Forzol and Bekaa’s villages at large are mainly agriculture-based communities; other streams of revenues for the inhabitants are available as well, but limited. Therefore, external immigration to other countries, and internal migration to big cities, mainly to Beirut area -the capital of Lebanon- are at their highest rate. This fact leaves the villages in need for many basic services due to the limited purchasing power and to the lack of availability of the family members near their families.

Consequently, training the remaining capable people in the village’s community, on useful tasks, and on new lines of expertise, will constitute for them additional revenue drivers and cost saver.

GSCC’s Training Center that we are planning to establish will be able to fill in part of this vacuum, hoping we can spread later on to other regions in Lebanon. 

Below are the training courses that we will start with:

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